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Open Mic In Brooklyn, NY (Photo by @IssaKhair)

There are many ways to contribute to "The Melanin Project.  The intent behind its inception is to be open to the entire diaspora.  We want to  provide a collective authentic voice for our people.  Fill out the form to the left with and drop a couple paragraphs explaining why you would like to join the Melanin Project!  We are constantly adding contributors to our team.  So if you don't get accepted feel free to re-submit an essay!

One major goal of the collective is to help in the restoration of  ownership in the Black Community.  When we say Black Ownership, we don't mean just cars & clothes.  Black Ownership to us means Black owned establishments employing Black Men & Women. We are seeking true political representation.  We seek self-determination for the Diaspora as a whole. We demand respect for the individual beliefs, customs & lifestyles of all peoples!