Black Women: If You Had 1000 Black Men, Ready & Willing What Would You Have Them Do?

During the Annual BAM Dance Africa Festival, Jashua Sa-Ra set out to ask our community's Black Women what would they ask of their Men!  We often talk about the problems we face as a community and the things that hold us back, however, have you ever thought about what you want to accomplish once we have unity.  That was the goal of this single question.  

The Dance Africa Festival bring many people from all over the African Diaspora to a small but vibrant city, called Brooklyn.  So what better place to survey our sisters to get a fill for what they would require from their men.  You can watch the Interviews below!


Jashua Sa-Ra is an award-winning performance poet, event producer, host, lecturer, teaching artist, and percussionist. Currently, Jashua is the Creative Director and host of Brooklyn Soulcial, the largest open mic series in Brooklyn, NY, and co-host of Sunday Funday, a highly popular monthly concert series. He has lectured on Spiritual Technology and Ma'athematics alongside some of the great modern teachers like Dr. Llaila Afrika, Prof. James Small, and Dr. Kaba Kamene.

Jashua Sa-Ra

-Certified Holistic Health Consultant through Dr. Llaila Afrika

-Licensed Massage Therapist

-Author of “Black Whole” poetry book and “Spoken Roar” poetry CD.

-1st Poet to win Best Poet Award, Palm Beach Music and

Entertainment Awards

-3 time Grand Slam Champion and Leader of National Slam Teams, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach


You can Follow Jashua on Instagram at @Earthiopian